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Kitty Cat Scallopini

August 12, 2010

I know that you are really in to recipe warz and shitte, FizzyPoof, but if you try to eat me I will murder you in your sleep.

Cat in Pot


Vampire Cat

October 10, 2009

Hey PhysioProf,

When you leave for work I have nothing to do but eat and sleep. Can you leave your computer here tomorrow so that I can watch Twilight on Netflix? All my friends have seen it.


PhysioCat Can Busta Move

September 10, 2009

Dear PhysioProf,

I know that you recently took the blame for the troll that was broken during a PhysioFamily dance party. I appreciate that you totally threw yourself under the bus on that one, but there was no need dude.

That shit was all me.


Kid unclear on the concept.

September 10, 2009

A child of my acquaintance earned some major points with me when one of her first actual words, as a babbling baby, was “Kitty!”

However, within mere weeks of adding “kitty” to her vocabulary, she applied it to a Boston Terrier.

Triangular ears do not a feline make, yo!

Awkward PhysioFamily Photos

August 24, 2009

Look, I know you two are serious cat people, but if you get any ideas from this picture, I am totally peace out.

PhysioCat’s New Sekritary

March 21, 2009

I’m thinking I may just start posting 10-15 hilarious YouTube videos a day to help get my traffic up.

The contortionist

February 13, 2009

Don’t look at me with such disdain.  If you could lick your own ass, you’d be doing it too.

How to lose your hand

February 8, 2009

I see you over there reading the wikiHow entry on How to Pet a Cat, you fucknut.  If you try to touch me, I’m going to bite your fucking nads.

PhysioCat Reads Isis the Scientist…

February 2, 2009


Job #1

June 13, 2008

sometimes it is a burden sleeping 22 hrs a day. and sometimes a joy.

such is my fate