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Job #1

June 13, 2008

sometimes it is a burden sleeping 22 hrs a day. and sometimes a joy.

such is my fate


‘Nip Partay! w00t!

June 7, 2008

Love thy neighbor

June 7, 2008

So, let’s say there’s this neighbor cat which is given free run of the neighborhood. And let’s say this cat, despite having the freedom to go all the way to the creek to hunt lizards and mallards and coots and giant egrets, chooses instead to spend most of her day sleeping on the next door neighbors’ front yard (or occasionally, under the next door neighbors’ car).

Now, for whatever reason, the cat’s human guardians (or at least, the female human guardian of the cat) seem not to like the next door neighbors whose yard the cat favors for napping and sunbathing. Indeed, given that one of those neighbors is allergic to cats, there is a possibility that the female human guardian of the cat gives the cat free run of the neighborhood as a passive-aggressive gesture towards the neighbors she seems not to like.

In these circumstances, would you read the newly established pot of catnip on the neighbors’ front stoop as a friendly gesture toward the cat? As a subtle “back atcha!” toward the cat’s female human guardian? Both?

Also, is there any good literature on the neuro-physiological activity of ‘nip on cats? And what kind of music should be filtering through the screen door to alert kitties that a ‘nip party’s going down?


June 6, 2008


June 6, 2008

For fuck’s sake, I’ve been hacking up trichobezoars for a month and have been unable to post.

Let’s get back to business.

Ennui: i haz it

June 6, 2008

Some days, you have to wonder whether it’s even worth chasing and eating moths.

Something shiny – BRB!